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Healy Watch Connector Edition Apps Module Monthly Subscription Details


This Watch Connector Edition Apps Module monthly subscription is used in conjunction with the Healy Watch hardware to connect your Healy Watch, Healy and Healy apps to one another to create a synergistic wellness system. The subscription is renewed monthly; if not canceled, it will be extended every month by one month. The cost for the first 3 months of the Healy Watch Connector subscription is included in the bundle price. Starting from the 4th month of subscription, the regular monthly price applies. The subscription will be activated for the E-mail account of the buyer.

The Healy Watch Connector Edition Apps Module is a digital lifestyle wearable that measures and evaluates various vital parameters, providing optimal support for many life situations.

The Healy Watch Connector Edition Apps Module details and analyzes your body-mind-balance on the basis of the measured data. In connection with the monthly Healy Watch Connector subscription, it will find suitable Healy frequency programs for you.


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....Healy Watch Connector Edition Apps Module

Healy Watch Connector Edition Apps Module - What's Included

The Watch Connector Edition Apps Module contains the:
- monthly subscription app to connect your Healy, Healy Watch, and Healy Watch Apps to one another
- Healy Watch Connector

The following additional Healy Watch apps are not included in the Healy Watch connect module, and are best acquired with the HEALY DNSC Watch bundle.
- HealAdvisor Search
- HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition

The Watch Connector Edition Apps Module excels at integrating blood pressure, heart rate, HRV, cardiology, connecting to your Healy for enhanced wellness opportunities for you using the Healy Apps along with the Healy Watch. Now that's your Digital Homeopathic Dr.

Healy Watch Disclaimer Healy Watch is intended to support vitality and well-being, and is not a substitute for medical advice, which can only be provided by a medical professional. The physiological measurements displayed on Healy Watch and in the Healy Watch App are designed to help you develop healthier habits and meet your fitness and wellness goals, to guide you in using the programs available in your Healy, and to alert you to information that may make a consultation with a healthcare provider appropriate. No claims are made that Healy Watch or Healy Watch App readings are diagnostic of the presence or absence of any medical conditions.

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When Ordering your Healy device, Apps and subscriptions with me as your Healy Upline, I will support you with one on one phone calls, email support, Youtube videos, product knowledge, and your own customized Healy Web site for educational and automated Healy order taking. Very few Healy uplines will support you as effectively as I will!

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Let's connect if you would like help making your Healy selection. My uplines years of experience and myself can set you in the right directions.

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