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The Healy Fast Start Promotion helps motivated and committed
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Healy Special Offer - Get A FREE Healy Fitness Watch and Apps
Get Free Healy's and $100's in Cash Bonus's


Use Healy Fast start to YOUR BENEFIT to acquire extra Healy's for you to use as sample devices to loan out for a few days.
People will quickly grasp the wellness power of Healy especially for muscle, joint and nerve based pain with 3 to 4 one hour each uses of the Healy.

People can try Healy risk free for 14 days, and the return rate is minimal, because Healy works well.

Healy is FDA cleared German made frequency based wellness technology that is a game changer for health and wellbeing, and raising the consciousness of humanity.

You get discounts, cash bonus's, free Healy's and more which we can chat about for the Free Offers, Cash offer details, awesome health benefits and more.


Choosing Your Healy World Social Selling Network Partner


Networking is about team building, sharing knowledge, supporting and developing Our team.

Ask me how to get Healy's Worth over $5000 for FREE!

The Healy Fast Start Promotion helps motivated and committed
new Healy World members to easily take their Healy edition to to the next level.

When you have 3 new Healy World Members or customers sign up, and purchase a Healy Holistic Health, Aura, Healy Resonance, Professional edition or a DNSC Watch Bundle each within the first 30 days after the day you signed up as a Healy World Member, you receive the equivalent Healy Bundle. (i.e. Sell 3 Healy Resonance, and receive one Healy Resonance for Free!)

When you sell 3 Healy Resonance, you also receive a Cash Bonus of over $300.- How's that for cool promotions!

Healy Fast Start Cash Bonus

During the Fast Start period, 30 days for new Healy Members you receive an additional Cash Bonus for every Healy Holistic Health (or higher) Edition sold. Even for just one sale! Sell 5 Healy Resonance, and put an extra $500 + in your jeans, (in addition to the commission of $350 per Healy sold at $2025.00.)


Healy Membership Sign Up Instructions

When Ordering your Healy device, Apps and subscriptions with me as your Healy Upline, Myself and my upline will support you with one on one phone calls, email support, Youtube videos, product knowledge, and your own customized Healy Web site for educational and automated Healy order taking. Very few Healy uplines will support you as effectively as I will!

You Are Referred to Healy by 3278-1896-2190




BE SURE THE REFERRAL ID IS 3278-1896-2190 on the Healy Sign-up Page

Once on the Member or product order page you will see my Healy Referrer ID # 3278-1896-2190

Please be sure to confirm this number above otherwise I will not be able to support you and your Healy needs.


healy referal identification

Let's connect if you would like help making your Healy selection. My uplines years of experience and myself can set you in the right directions.

Let's also connect to ensure your order processes correctly.

Order your Healy device, subscriptions and apps through me as your Sponsor Referral ID 3278-1896-2190

Click on this link to shop for Healy in the Healy USA store at:

I provide you with some of the best one-on-one Healy training for your Healy device and apps.

When you have finished placing your Healy Device app order, please email me with your email address, Order ID # and your Healy member ID, so I can add you to my Healy Member list, forward you your new web site my Healy upline creates for you at no charge, and keep you informed of new Healy information.

FIRST, Click HERE for Easy Healy Member video sign-up instructions or call at to do the sign up for/with you. I recommend you sign up from your home or office computer, as opposed to smartphone.
NEXT, CLICK HERE to sign up at no charge as a Healy Networking Member. Once Signed up as a member, you will receive a confirmation email from Healy with your user name and password. Be sure to write and keep your user and password in a safe place

Click Here to PURCHASE Healy Resonance as a Healy Customer.
Choose this option if you are not interested in telling others about the health and wellness aspects of Healy, or receiving commissions for introducing others as Healy Members.

Select SHOP at top of screen, scroll down to the Healy Module you wish (Healy Gold, Holistic Health, Plus, Healy Resonance).

Click the appropriate module (Gold, Holistic, Aura, Resonance, or Professional) choose Quantity, Add to Cart,

Click view cart.

Proceed to Checkout

You will see the product Total Price at Top of screen. Scroll further down and you will see that the discount has been applied.

Add your shipping address information (Should be same as your Charge card address)

If you are purchasing Healy Gold or Healy Professional, there are No subscriptions needed so nothing to auto renew

Do NOT log out if this order is for you.

I recommend before placing your Healy Order, to contact your bank to let them know you are about to place an order, and them to expect $ xxxx.xx dollars to post to your charge card in the next few minutes.

Many banks will refuse the Charge card authorization without first RECEIVING a PHONE CALL from you, for fraud protection purposes.


Enter your charge card information, and select proceed to payment at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations, You are now A Healy Owner.

Products ship free to the USA, and are shipped from the USA. International orders are shipped duty free, as long as Healy is an open market in that Country.

You should receive your Healy Resonance around 3-5 days from order date.

Contact me, via Phone or email, with any questions and comments you may have.


healy resonance coupon code discount, satisfaction guaranteed



healy world member partner









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Disclaimer: Healy is a micro current medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. Always use your Healy in accordance with its instructions for use.

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