Deep Cycle H
Flow With the Cycles
Vers.1.1 | 2022-11-23
The Benefits of the Deep Cycle H Program Group
Deep Cycle H (Harmonic) for Healy is a holistic system for
all levels of your existence. It is meant to help you flow with
the cycles in your life and to support and adapt to changes.
Everything in nature and the universe is developing in
cycles! Everything is interconnected; nature seeks harmony
on every level. There are some key elements that must be
in place to flourish and adapt to the ever changing and
developing universe around us and inside of us.
Frequencies and Harmonics from Nature
The harmonic frequencies contained in the Deep Cycle
H programs are the result of 10 years of research and
application by Jan Poleszynski in his practice. They include
frequencies and harmonics that originate from nature, from
our planet, from the sun as well as fundamental cosmic
frequencies, frequencies that connect you to the earth
and basic resonances of the atmosphere and surrounding
planets. These frequencies are informational “highways”
helping to bring you in harmony with yourself and with
Deep Cycle H – compiled by Jan Poleszynsky
Jan Poleszynski is the founder of Klinikk for Integrert
Medisin (Integrated Medicine Clinic) and Uno Vita AS
in Norway. He has been studying the application of
microcurrent and frequencies for many years and is
successfully working with them for his clients on a daily
basis. Based on his experience, he compiled the Deep Cycle
program group that was made available for Healy users in
2017. Its newest incarnation is Deep Cycle H, the H meaning
Harmonic. It is based on a protected harmonic frequency
list; the original frequency databases have been updated
and improved. Deep Cycle H raises the accuracy of the
original Deep Cycle holistic frequency system to a new level.
If you already are a Deep Cycle user:
The Deep Cycle (without the H) Individualized Microcurrent
Frequency (IMF) Healy Programs will continue to work on your
Healy device. If you would like to use Deep Cycle H alongside
Deep Cycle, you can license it for the monthly fee indicated in
the Healy Online Shop on the website.
The Deep Cycle “First”, “Second” and “Third” application IMF
programs are not part of Deep Cycle H anymore; instead,
using the IMF Sensitive program contained in
Deep Cycle H is recommended for new users.
Notices: The Individualized Microcurrent Frequency
(IMF) programs of the Healy are not medical applications.
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prevent disease and have not been reviewed by the FDA. The
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